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Stellar Earth Crystals

Blue Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Sphere #2

Blue Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Sphere #2

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Behold the mesmerizing Blue Rose Quartz, a rare gem that effortlessly combines the allure of Rose Quartz with a radiant blue hue. This amazing stone of unconditional love not only melts away the stress and tension of the heart but does it in style!

Its tranquil blue tones add an extra splash of ethereal beauty, making it magically unique and rare. Immerse yourself in its nurturing embrace, as this remarkable gemstone guides you towards emotional healing, compassion, and inner serenity.

Let the Blue Rose Quartz ignite your passion for self-love and give your journey a touch of enchantment. 

This Blue Rose Quartz Sphere is approximately 246.2g

Any imperfections are normal as this is a natural stone. Stand is not included.

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