Who is Stellar Earth Crystals?

Hi everyone! It's been such a long journey for us to finally get here and fulfill this dream of getting Stellar Earth Crystals out to the world.

The idea of opening Stellar Earth Crystals started with my own personal journey when I (Fiona) met Nadia over eight years ago. Like many people, it was a day where I wanted and was ready for a change in my life and was seeking some sort of sign or guidance. I booked my appointment for a simple reading with Nadia and what ended up happening was over time she became my spiritual advisor, my teacher, my friend and soul sister. This journey has helped me find one of my passions in life and has inspired me to want to help people by partnering with Nadia to bring her psychic abilities and knowledge to anyone ready to seek it.

At Stellar Earth Crystals we want to provide you with a full range of services from psychic tarot readings, spiritual guidance and meditation to offering custom made tools including wands and Esoptrons (a representation of your inner mirror), beautiful hand-selected crystals for your surroundings, moon infused oils and crystals lamps to aid your journey.

Nadia and I are both so humbled, happy and grateful to help serve others in their journey.
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